Amber Wynn, Chistopher Rashad Holdings, Inc.

Ms. Amber Wynn, who promotes herself as a “philanthrepeneur,” secured a $47,000 Tier II contract to provide Grant Writing workshops for 28 non-profit organization located primarily in South Central LA. The contract, through Heluna Health as primary contractor, is under the County Department of Public Works. Amber was first introduced to PACE Business Development Center and procurement specialist Mr. Andrew Barrera through attendance at his Procurement Workshop in the fall of 2019. As an accomplished professional with Phd. credentials, Andrew saw great potential in Amber who desired to seek contracts assisting non-profits with fund raising, reporting & executive management services. Andrew conslulted her in the procurement contracting process, which starts with having a high quality service to offer. 

Having over 30 years of nonprofit experience, including program development, strategic planning, nonprofit management, board development, capacity building, grant writing & fund development, (largest award $3.2 million), Amber has served in numerous positions including Program Administrator with Congresswoman Maxine Waters’  Youth Fair Chance program, Grant Writer/Media Outreach Director for University of California Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County, Executive Director for Girls Inc. Los Angeles, Grant Writing Instructor for Cal State University, Dominguez Hills, Philanthropic Development Manager for DaVita, a Fortune 500 company, Program Director at Pancreatic Cancer Action Network giving out $7 million in research grants and currently, as a nonprofit consulting entrepreneur. Amber received her undergraduate degree in English from Loyola Marymount University, and her Master’s degree in Public Administration. Amber provides a SIMPLE, SMART, SAVVY approach to management consulting by leveraging her experience as grant writer, nonprofit leader, board member, funder and business professional to provide companies with a clear road map for development, management, compliance, sustainability, and growth.

Andrew continued to work with Amber, registering her business on the various Supplier Vendor Portals (i.e. LAUSD, LACCD, DGS, LA County, etc.), and guided her to start securing Small Business Certifications, Contract Sourcing, Capability Statement development and submitting proposals. He also discussed various areas how Amber could generate revenue, and helped her identify those non-profit entities capable of affording her consulting fees and the possibility of expanding her professional services into the for-profit sector. Under PACE Business Development Center procurement specialist Andrew Barrera, Amber Wynn had developed a solid short term goal to go after contracts and/or services that she could secure immediately. Within two month Amber was awarded this first contract and is on her way to secure other lucrative contracts in both the non-profit and private for profit sectors.

Gung Hoe Garden Girls, Inc.

Ms. Katharine Pinney and her all female landscape company Gung Hoe Garden Girls, Inc. successfully secured a $48,201 private sector landscape contract. Beginning in August 2019 and following the counseling of PACE procurement specialist Mr. Andrew Barrera, Ms. Pinney was able to generate numerous bid invitations for commercial, residential and private sector contracts ranging from $50,000 to $2.3M. Ms, Katharine Pinney is a licensed landscape contractor and Public Works Contractor, able to execute designs at the highest standards and on budget. Extensive horticultural knowledge of California native plants and vegetate suited for our Mediterranean climate has been her calling card. She also has drafting skills and is capable of producing full landscape plans within HPOZ and HOA guidelines.  As a project supervisor she is very familiar with zoning requirements and able to procure necessary permits at City Departments.  Her attributes include the ability to collaborate and interact with project managers, subcontractors, architects, landscape architects and other industry professionals.  She is comfortable working with people of diverse backgrounds and able to collaborate as a team member at all levels. 

Gung Hoe Garden Girls, Inc. is located in the Lincoln Heights District of Los Angeles, CA 90031.  Ms. Pinney is a passionate 10+ year experienced landscape designer, specializing in creating eco-friendly outdoor spaces and gardens. She was referred to the PACE Business Development Center by Mr. Andrew Barrera, who is now the Procurement Counseling Manager. Mr. Barrera knew Ms. Pinney would be a good fit for his new procurement program and would be helpful in re-aligning her business with procurement opportunities.

Andrew helped Ms. Pinney review her business growth plan, cash flow needs, and assisted her design a business expansion strategy that includes government procurement opportunities. By February 19th Katharine received her 6th invitation for a private sector $50,000 contract and on March 3rd with the assistance of Mr. Barerra she was awarded the contract. As with other previous bid invitations Mr. Barrera walked Ms. Pinney through the entire bidding process to help position her final business bid in the best way possible for obtaining the contract. Since being awarded the $48,201 private sector “Matoba Project”, she has been invited to bid on another municipal project through Gensler, an international architectural firm and the Prime Contractor. This exciting City of Los Angeles project involves the Old Washington Irving Library Renovation, a transformation of an historic library branch from the 1920s into an archive, research, exhibition, and education center. Gung Hoe Garden Girls is now experiencing tremendous contract growth opportunities under the assistance of the PACE Business Center. We know her business will be a great success as the demand for her unique landscaping credentials and project management skills grow with each new contract!

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