Business Plan Essentials

It’s time for your business to have a solid and complete road map! Business Plan Essentials Training Program participants will learn to identify areas for improvement in their current business model, set realistic goals for their business over the next 5 years, and finally create a comprehensive business plan that outlines strategies to be implemented and followed in order to meet their set objective. Training will focus on 3 main topics: Business, Finance, and Marketing. In the final session participants will have the opportunity to present their new business plans to a panel of small business lenders and business consultants for review.

Topics covered include: Company & Product Overview, Market Analysis, Marketing & Sales Plan, Operations & Management Plan, and Financials & Capital Needs.


Marketing Essentials

Marketing Essentials Training Programs focuses on helping business owners and entrepreneurs understand the core elements of the “marketing mix” – your customers, your marketplace, your products or services – and how to effectively deliver the right message to your target audience at the appropriate time. We’ll start by helping to refine your brand and message, then explore tactical solutions to reach your customers through effective advertising, public relations, grassroots programs, events, sales promotions and cause-related marketing campaigns. By the end, you will create a solid marketing plan that you can apply to your business which in turn will help raise awareness, drive sales and move your business forward!

Topics covered include: Branding your Business, Advertising,  Public Relations, Event & Grassroots Marketing, Strategic Sales Promotions, and Cause Related Marketing.


Finance Essentials

Enroll in the Finance Essentials Training Program and learn how to take control of your business finances and be confident with your financials! Participants will learn how they can improve their current financial management system, set realistic expense targets and sales goals for their business , learn practical record-keeping tips and understand how to use financial information to make informed business decisions.

Topics covered include: Principals of Financial Management, Profit & Loss Statements, Analyzing Business Trends, Reading Balance Sheets, Inventory Management & Pricing, Improving Cash Flow, Creating Financial Projections, and Accessing Capital.

ETP (Entrepreneur Training Program)

ETP Program Video


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