This workshop is being rescheduled. We were informed the instructor is not feeling well and will not be available. We will keep you posted on the next Identity Theft workshop, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Come to this special workshop to learn:

  • What is Identity Theft
  • How Identity Thieves Use Your Information 
  • How Identity Theft Occurs 
  • How to Protect Your Identity
  • If you are a Victim of Identity Theft?
  • How to Recover From Identity Theft if it Happens to You
  • The Laws that Protect You and Identity Theft?
  • How Monitor Your Credit to Protect Against Being a Victim

This workshop will help you recognize the signs before it happens to you! Identity theft is beginning again to be a growing issue. According to the Consumer Sentinel Network, from 2017-2018, fraud and identity theft went up almost 20%.

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