How to Apply

Enrollment Instructions

To enroll with the LA BusinessSource Center, you will need to complete some forms depending on what stage you are in with your business. Please download and completely fill out the application below, we are unable to process incomplete applications:

ENTREPRENEUR (Self - employed)

If you are not yet in business but seeking information to establish a business, please complete the ‘Prestartup/Entrepreneur’ enrollment form:

 Entrepreneur Enrollment Form 

MICROENTERPRISE (5 employees of less)

If you are currently running a business with 5 employees or less, please complete the ‘StartupMicroenterprise' enrollment form.

   Microenterprise Enrollment Form

OPERATING BUSINESS (5 employees or more)

If you are currently running a business and have more than 5 employees, please complete the ‘Operating Business’ enrollment form.

   Operating Business Enrollment Form

Please note that demographic information is collected for the purpose of documenting services provided under the auspices of the LA BusinessSource Center and is used to provide relevant resources (i.e. minority/women-owned funding opportunities, etc.). All information will be kept confidential.  If you are completing this application electronically: click into each line or box to fill in your answers and leave the signature line blank. Fill out all areas of the application which apply to you, incomplete or missing information will result in the application not being processed.


To verify your residence, please return your application with all of the following:

    • A copy of your California identification/driver’s license
    • If the address on your ID is not your current address, please attach a copy of a utility bill or other semi-formal documentation (i.e. notice from work, school or the government).
    • If you are operating a business, include a copy of all business registration documents you hold for your business (i.e. business license, DBA, articles of incorporation, etc.

Once you have finished your enrollment form, please click here to request to speak with a counselor! The counselor will be able to assist in finishing up the enrollment process.

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