Entrepreneur Training Program

PACE Business’s Entrepreneur Training Program and Advanced Entrepreneur Training Essentials are designed to increase profitability and sustainability by using current information and business strategies for use in your business the next day. Learn from others in the class or workshop and network with your peers.


The Entrepreneur Training Program (ETP) is a 24-hour business start-up course for entrepreneurs that want to start a new business but are not sure where to begin. It is an indispensable part of any entrepreneurial endeavor as it allows one to “make mistakes on paper” rather than in the real world. Participants can also take advantage of our free business consulting services in order to help them complete their business plan, receive the proper licenses and permits, and apply for start-up business loans.

Topics covered include: Entrepreneurial Keys to Success, How to Write a Business Plan, Product Pricing, Sales & Marketing, Legal Aspects of Business, Choosing an Entity, Licensing & Permits, Small Business Taxes, Business Accounting & Record-keeping, Budgeting and Cash Flow Management, Business Finance, Small Business Loans & Access to Capital.

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