CRCs Announces its New Strategic Plan

crc-planThe California Reinvestment Coalition, a nonprofit, state-wide coalition that PACE belongs to, recently released its new strategic plan. CRC members have a 30-year history of successfully advocating for stronger reinvestment in low-income communities and communities of color throughout California. We are excited about the role we played in helping to develop this plan and look forward to working with CRC to execute on it.  The plan is available here:

Developing the plan: As part of its year-long strategic planning process, CRC member organizations shared their experiences on the current challenges facing communities of color and low-income communities across California and explained that the need for reinvestment in their communities has never been greater. Displacement and gentrification, the lack of sufficient household income to meet basic needs, insufficient credit for small businesses, and banking policies that negatively impact communities of color, are some of the issues that rose to the top as priority issues needing attention.