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Introduction to Business:

5/27/2020Basic Business Workshop 101 – Entrepreneurial Keys to Success 
5/29/2020Intro to Business Model Canvas – Defining Mission & Setting Goals 
8/20/2020How to Start a Sidewalk Vending Business in LA
1/30/2021Establishing & Maintaining Good Credit & Start-Up Business Seminar 
3/9/2021Branding 101 
4/13/2021Building the Store of Your Dreams
6/1/2021Quick Book (1) – Getting Started – Accounting and Bookkeeping – Basics for Small Business Owners
6/29/2021Business Plan Basics
7/9/2021Intro to Business Plan: Defining Mission and Setting Goals
7/27/2021مبانی نهادهای تجاری (Basics of Business Entities)
8/31/2021Business Plan Basics -اصول طرح تجاری

Business Development & Growth:

6/10/2020Small Business Taxes, IRS, EDD 
7/23/2020Business Seminar for Korean American Business Owners 1 고용주 노동법
7/30/2020Business Seminar for Korean American Business Owners  2 비지니스 회계
8/6/2020Business Seminar for Korean American Business Owners 3 사이버보안
8/13/2020Business Seminar for Korean American Business Owners 4 위기관리
9/3/2020California Competes Tax Credit 
2/10/2021How to Sell to Corporations #2 Foundations for Success
2/17/2021How to Sell to Corporations #3 Marketing
2/24/2021How to Sell to Corporations #4 Proposals
4/27/2021Insurance & Protection for Small Business
6/9/2021Tools to avoid Design Copyright Litigation Part 1
6/15/2021Quick Book (3) – Quick Book for everyday tasks and transactions
6/18/2021Finding Power in Reinforcement (3) – No More “Think It Overs”!
6/22/2021Quick Book (4) – Going Beyond the Basics
6/23/2021Tools to avoid Design Copyright Litigation Part 2
6/25/2021Finding Power in Reinforcement (4) – Tongue Fu!  The art of using the right words in the right way to get the right outcome
7/6/2021Post-Coronavirus-Return to Work Best Practice: Employment Law
7/16/2021Small Business Taxes (IRS, EDD)
7/23/2021Legal Aspects – Choice of Entity / Contracts / Licensing & Permit
7/26/2021Protecting Your Business Assets: Intellectual Property, Business Insurance and Risk Management
7/28/2021Health Benefits under COBRA
7/28/2021Design Copyright Workshop I
8/4/2021Choosing a Retirement Solution for your Small Business
8/11/2021Design Copyright Workshop II
8/24/2021Wills, Living Trusts & Asset Protection by Collins Law Group
9/8/2021Enhance Your Project Management Skills with Google Tools Part 2

Technology in Business:

6/5/2020Marketing – Product or Service – Price, Place, Promotion 
8/20/2020Use Instagram to Make Sales During COVID19
2/23/2021Dropshipping 101
3/29/2021Using Digital Marketing to Brand Your Business 
3/30/2021Ascent A Free Learning Platform for Women Entrepreneurs
5/11/2021Organic Marketing 101
5/19/2021Social Media Essentials For Business
6/4/2021Finding Power in Reinforcement (1) – Prospecting in a Virtual World Part I
6/8/2021Quick Book (2) -Setting Up A Company and Using Quick Book/Quick Book Online
6/11/2021Finding Power in Reinforcement (2) – Prospecting in a Virtual World Part II
6/21/2021Marketing Plan 101: Create Your Roadmap to Success
6/22/2021Social Impact Marketing by Sports and Social Change
6/24/2021Getting started with Shopify Marketing
6/28/2021Digital Marketing Essentials For Business
6/29/2021Social Media Essentials by Golden State Marketing
6/30/2021Social Media Essentials by Golden State Marketing
7/12/2021Marketing Analysis: Customers, Competition & Industry / Marketing: Product/Service
7/13/2021SEO for Beginner 
7/14/2021ETP 4th Session-Marketing: Price/ Place/Promotion
8/10/2021From Launch to First Sale


4/27/2021Cybersecurity Webinar Series: What is cyber security
5/11/2021Cybersecurity Webinar Series: What are the trends targeting organizations and what you should do
5/25/2021Cybersecurity Webinar Series: Protecting and Defending Yourself in Cyber Space

*Our free business counseling services are available through PACE BusinessSource Centers and PACE Women’s Business Center.

Access to Capital:

8/31/2020Effective Money Management and Debt During COVID-19
10/13/2020洛杉矶COVID-19小企业基金补助 – 申请指南与流程
10/27/2020洛杉矶COVID-19小企业基金补助 – 申请指南与流程
11/12/2020ORR IDA & ORR MED Program Orientation and Eligibility
12/11/2020ORR IDA MED Orientation
3/5/2021ORR IDA and MED Orientation in Armenian
3/25/2021Understanding Financial Statements – Helps You Access Capital
4/22/2021LACDA Financial Forecasting – What Lenders Analyze
4/28/2021Access to Capital / How to apply for a loan
4/28/2021Access to Capital / How to apply for a loan
5/21/2021Credit basics in Farsi مبانی اعتبار
5/27/2021How to Apply for PPP Forgiveness – Mandarin
7/19/2021Managing Your Money: Recordkeeping/Accounting
7/21/2021Budgeting and Cash Flow Management Cash Flow Projections
7/28/2021Access to Capital: Financing Your Business
8/10/2021The 4 Steps PPP loan Forgiveness Application Process
8/11/2021Commercial Real Estate Financing Programs workshop

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Procurement – Government/ Private Sector Contracting:

11/12/2020Small Business Certification 
3/11/2021Get Bonded & Get Government Contracts 
5/12/2021LA시 한인 조달전문가와 함께하는 조달시장 진출 세미나
7/15/2021Procurement 2.1 Contract Sourcing
9/2/20215 Parts Government Contract Webinar Series-WINNING STRATEGIES FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING -Procurement 2.0 Contract Sourcing
9/9/20215 Parts Government Contract Webinar Series-WINNING STRATEGIES FOR GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING-Small Business Certifications

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