Loan Packaging

In addition to offering several loan products, PACE also provides SBA and conventional loan packaging and placement.  By utilizing this service, you will have more than 40 years of combined lending experience working to assure that the loan package you are developing meets or exceeds the requirements of the lenders.

One of the deterrents to applying for a loan for most small business owners is the extensive paperwork required.  With PACE, clients can receive an initial screening to determine what type of lender or funding source (i.e. microfinance, credit union, or a commercial bank) would best serve the needs of the client.  One of PACE’s qualified loan counselors will then meet with the business owner to pull together the paperwork necessary to apply to the identified set of lenders.  PACE has relationships with over 30 lenders throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area.  With this large network of relationships, we can find the best financing options for you and your small business.

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