Our Team

We are proud of our team and are always looking for more people to help. We love to help our clients, their businesses, and the community reach a higher and greater level of success!

Our Team






Namoch Sokhom, Director BDC

Susie Choy, Compliance Coordinator

Bo Sivanunsakul, Loan Manager

Steve Meng, Loan Counselor

Phuong (Bruce) Le, Loan Counselor

Redy B. Babasa-Thompson, Business Loan Officer II

Swann Do, Director WBC

Andrew Barrera, Procurement Officer/ Business Counselor

Veronica Lopez, Business Counselor

Wai-Ling Chin, Business Counselor Manager

Diana Chung, Business Counselor

Frank Sosa, Business Counselor

Supranee May, Business Counselor

Nicole Diangani, Office Manager

Maria Bernal, Data Entry & Support

Esther Elizondo, Business Support Specialist

Alicia Lopez, Program Assistant

Zoraida Yaya Cruz, Receptionist






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